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TRiDENT’s 3rd mini album 『spice "X"』

2. Bite the bullet
3. Nocturne
4. iCON
5. be with you

The girls had a successful one-man live performance at Zepp Shinjuku with their previous work "Dream Up". This is a work that turns a variety of emotions into a roaring sound, in order to involve the listener further.

"SPICE!", as the name suggests, is a song that is suitable for the first song on the album, as it shows off the transformative nature of the girls as they really are, and was arranged by Satoru Hiraide, who was in charge of the end credits of the previous album.

“Bite the bullet” is a TRiDENT-style classic song that was also used as a tie-in for the world-renowned FPS “Rainbow Six Siege.” Exactly spice. “Nocturne” unfolds in a way that even parents who know the girls well cannot imagine. Shota Horie is in charge of the three songs above, including "be with you," which dramatically grabs the listener's heart.

And this time, Koji Hirachi, who was in charge of the previous album ``Repaint'', was in charge of the song ``iCON'', which is his first composition and arrangement.

This is a work that is packed with moments where the girls, who started out on a small yacht, move a big ship. Stay tuned.