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Continuing from the previous work "DX", "Dream Up" embodies the chemical reaction with various gorgeous arrangers. This voluminous album, with all tracks leading the way, is sure to be a work that will bring girls' rock to the Japanese hit charts. PENGUIN RESEARCH's Ba, Shota Horie, was in charge of arranging the two songs, the lead song "NEO FUTURE" which is attracting a lot of attention due to its fully CG music video, and "KICKASS" which is a must-have for live performances. "Repaint" was arranged by PassCode sound producer Koji Hirachi, and combines ASAKA's voice, which sings powerfully to repaint her identity, with an aggressive synthesizer. Gt, DAIDAI from Paledusk, who is responsible for BABYMETAL, Bring Me the Horizon, etc., is in charge of "twinkle," which is aggressive yet somehow delicate and fleeting. Following on from the previous work, three arrangers participated. And Satoru Hiraide, who participated for the first time, was in charge of the medium rock ballad's "end credits." The message sent by the three people is wrapped up in a magnificent arrangement. Please look forward to ``Dream Up,'' a work that draws listeners in and brings them one step closer to their dreams.


2. Repaint
3. twinkle
4. end credits

Contents to be determined